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"Meet The EXPERIENCED Health Consultant Who Perfected The Solution To Erection Problem Through Simple Activities That Cost Little Money And Discover How You Too Can Last With Your PARTNER In Less Than 3 Days".



"New Intensive Methods Developed By Experienced HEALTH CONSULTANT Helps Reveal Secrets To End Weak Erection, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction And General Erection Problem, Thereby Enabling Well To Do Nigerians Who Are Ready To Put In The Needed Effort To End Their 1 Minute Release Issue And Enjoy A Glorious Sexual Life With Their Spouse And It’s Very Potent".


Dear friend,


'Do you always feel anxious when you are with your partner that you will come within 2 – 5 minutes, irrespective of your foreplay and you can’t continue with the second, third and fourth round?' 


'Have you been having erection issue lately such that your spouse start noticing and complaining about it and you’ve been having serious headache about how to end it?'


'Have you been failing in your duty as a man on the ‘other room matters’ to your spouse for few months such that she jokingly nags about the issue to you?'


If you have been having all these issues lately and seeking lasting solutions to it, this is the most important message you’ll ever read from an experienced men’s health consultant with vast knowledge of urology and sexual health.


Here’s why.


You see, some months ago, a good friend of mine usually complain of quick ejaculation issue whereby he’ll be sexually aroused to a point even if he and his spouse were still romancing and smooching. It’s so bad that during foreplay, he would have release and as you know, when you release your sperm, your erection comes down to zero. Am sure you can relate in one way or the other.


Have you ever been in a situation whereby you and your spouse or girl friend start the foreplay process as usual and before the real sex starts, you’ve already ‘cum’ and your deek is already weak.


Nothing can be more disastrous. Do you know why? Nothing piss women off than your stupid weak erection when they are already warmed up for the real game and expect you to come in and fuck them hard for them to scream.


That thing dey pain!


Worst still, if she’s a new catch chick that have high expectation of you on bed the first time she want to give you the chance and you disappoint her then your first impression of being an ‘indomie man’ will last long in her brain. 


What does this mean?


It means that, you are not up to the task and she looks elsewhere. Am I communicating?


Have you ever experienced a situation maybe you or your neighbor whereby the woman will just accidentally change her attitude towards you for no apparent reason? Am sure you understand what am saying.

And you beg her relentlessly, demanding reason for her change of attitude but she refuse to disclose it to you and in the end, the issue boomerang and leads to each partner going in different ways.


Why do this happen?


You see, women are a very complex creature. Their sexual urge is greater than that of men. The only different is that their urge is controllable.

A lady can be in the mood now and within a minute; maybe she remember something that pissed her off and tell you she’s not having sex again.


Women’s world is unfathomable. Some, out of deep love, might leave you because they don’t want you to have future problem with them by catching them sleeping with another man.

They want to save you the trauma and go and meet the guy that can deliver.


However, they love their integrity, they wouldn’t want you to mistake their high libido for seeing them as harlot or prostitute. They will want to keep their womanhood because they’ve already seen or heard their friends and big sisters having issues whenever they bring up the topic of delivering on bed.


What about house wives, don’t think they are exception. I once read a woman confessing her infidelity on nairaland because her husband doesn’t handle sexual issues seriously.


Here’s the detail of her post

 ‘love making with my hubby has never been fun. I hardly reach orgasm. It’s a shameful thing in my culture to admit I was involved in extra marital affairs but I had one. The man really know what to do to make a woman beg for more. His skill and sexual prowess baffles me a lot. Love making with my hubby is just 2 postures – Missionary and DOGGIE. The most annoying aspect of it is that he ejaculates within 3 minutes. I have to stop discussing this with him because it makes him feel bad about himself. He has a+ penis but does not know how to use it. I only reach orgasm when he stimulates my clitoris with his tongue and that he does once in a while. When I really need good sex, then all I used to do is to go fuck the guy who makes me scream and beg for more…..’ .

Can you see guys? Who knows maybe your own miss world is also engaging in such act. God forbid! But it happens ‘inside life’


Why do women want longer sex


"According to a sex expert called Laumann, men on average take 4 minutes from the point of entry until ejaculation, which covers their orgasm too. Women on the other hand usually take around 10 to 11 minutes to reach orgasm. That is on average. Some women take up to 20 minutes before they reach climax. Moreover, women find it hard to ejaculate if they don’t reach orgasm".


Orgasm of men climax when they ejaculate and dropped drastically until stimulated for second round.



Now here is the problem. Once women have had one orgasm, they can go any mile whereas, you have already released and need time to recuperate which is called the ‘REFRACTORY PERIOD’.

Only very few women have the time and patient to devote to the second round because the orgasm in them will digress and reach back to zero.



 Then why are real men lacking in this regard?


Like I said in the previous article which is worth repeating here for comprehension sake.. the only hormone responsible for your erection throughout your life is called ‘TESTOSTERONE’.

This is the hormone you need to take a cursory look at. You really need to work hard on this hormone to perform at optimal level.



 Let me tell you, your lack of hard erection and lasting longer is not your fault and you are not alone. It happens to virtually every men out there. Do you know why?



Because the competence of your testosterone drops as you age.. Just like your bone density drops in effectiveness as you grow.

There’s virtually nothing you can do about it. Kindly be patient here You will get my point.



One study conducted by American health institute conclude that ‘about 6 in 10 men will experience this problem by the time they reach 35 years. In fact, the number of cases in which older men have been diagnosed of having low testosterone has increased by 170% since 2012 and still counting.  



 Can you now see the reason why married women that want to engage in extramarital affairs always look for relatively young men to them? Why do they want young adults? Because ‘their testosterone level is still on-point’



 Have you ever seen an old lady calling a young chap ‘LOVE OF MY LIFE’ and you wonder ‘how on earth could that be possible’? it’s because of the satisfaction the old lady is deriving sexually from the young man. Infact it’s worst in white listed countries and some part of africans that count it as ‘NORMAL STUFF’.


  Now that you are aware of the cause of this problem, you are not alone.  


A lot of corrective measures have been developed in form of pills, lotions, sprays etc by different industries to combat this issue and have your glorious time on bed. 


While some of them works to certain extent, do you know the bitter truth?


Most of them are extremely dangerous to your health. They do more harm than good; despite their effectiveness. That’s why you see some doctors condeming those ‘aphrodisiac’ as very bad for your health and warn men of impending dangers attached to them.


Of course, they works but long term usage could damage vital organs in your body.


But there must be a solution to this seeming problem. Afterall there’s no problem without a proffered solution. That’s why in the world of academics, they said ‘the solution to a mathematical problem is in that problem itself’. You just have to find it.


Likewise, the solution to weak erection and premature ejaculation is to upgrade your knowledge of the problem by having strong believe that ‘solution can be found, where problem exist’.


That’s why I have put together ‘LAST LIKE HORSE BLUEPRINT’.



This is a guide that explains extensively the causes, effect and solution to erection problem and how to last longer on bed using simple activities that has been in existence since last centuries.



This is not a ‘me too’ guide that over promise and under deliver. It’s a carefully selected, time tested techniques and alternative therapies you can ‘do’ yourself and administer in the next few days and regain your manhood erection and be confident with your spouse again.



Truth be told, this blueprint has not been easy for me to put together. It’s a synthesis of over 10 years experience with different ladies and others that have tried all the methods with their girlfriends and wife. I'm telling you.



You know, women world is unfathomable, and to meet their expectation, you’ve got to ‘MAN UP’ yourself when the bedroom game is about to start.



Imagine having ladies leaving you for no apparent logical reason behind it until you discover yourself from an experience elders about the benefit of ‘servicing your woman’ satisfactorily.



That was when I got the eureka experience.



I have to start my research by downloading articles online. Guess what, most of free articles online are botch.  



I take my research to amazon and bought over 10 books on this subject. I read and digest all those material to a ‘tee’ and start taking the steps suggested in those books.



Guess what, most of the actionable steps in those books suits abroad environment and not our native land.


As if that is not enough, I have to take my search down to my local veteran herbal doctors and they load me with a lot of techniques.



Though many of which are archaic now. 


As a health consultant that has over 10 years’ experience, I scrutinize them to the core and bring out the finest strategy you can apply to get quick and immediate result.



Therefore, all the technique explain in the guide are easier to carry out than any sexual enhancement stimulant out there, simply because it’s safe and natural with no side effect. 


It will only take maximum of 7 days or less to be seeing good result that will last you for months (that is if your issue is chronic).



You might be thinking your ‘Enhancement pill’ works faster but their adverse effect is also fast than a speeding bullet in your vital organ. You are not only seeing it because your organs are storing it till it reach a point where it will be permanently damaged.



But taking baby steps like the one’s in the guide gives result and peace of mind. And it’s easier than you think.



Imagine, you that your wife/spouse have been complaining about 2 minute erection problem and you get LAST LIKE HORSE and put what the author said into practice and your deek erect one fateful midnight and you make advances to your wife. She feels reluctant initially (because she knows you’ll not stay long) but later give in and the ‘bedroom work’ starts.



You start with the great style she always want and your deek erect hard and you bang her for 10 minutes straight the first round before you ‘cum’ and she scream like mad because she’s really enjoying your ‘manhood’ swimming in her ‘honey pot’. Are you with me?



After the first round, it’s not up to 15 minutes before you wake her again for the second round and she was extremely surprise that ‘is this my husband’.



You give her hot shattered orgasm for over 30 minutes and both of you ‘did it’ till you guys sweat. Instead of you suggesting to stop, she’s now the one begging you to have a break, that her ‘honeypot’ is getting hot due to your penetration.



 Later in the morning after you guys have a wonderful night, she went to the kitchen to cook your favourite food and serve the table, then she smiles at you and give you a hot kiss to bid you ‘good bye’ my world.



 You came back in the evening and she welcome you with a warm smile and a warm hug. And later demanding the secret to your optimal performance despite she knows you’ll never involve in ‘scary enhancement pill’ and you later smile and tell her it’s been ‘GOD’ that restore your hormone.



 But little did she know you have already gotten a surefire blueprint that can be used and reuse for life.  



 Who Am I And Why Am I Qualified To Deliver This Message To You.

My name is Adeshina Lawal. I’m a regular guy like you that love to research on topical issues bothering me. As a five-star health consultant for one of the top health supplement in the country, and a graduate of chemical science from a reputable university in Nigeria, I’ve seen several cases of breakups in home due to money and sexual matters. In short I can say both money and sex carry 50/50 analysis in ratio

I’ve seen enough to the extent that many guys now doubt their confidence about satisfying women out there.

 I’ve attended to 100’s of people across the country on sexual related matters. I’ve known what works and what doesn’t. I even had two breakups myself due to inability to satisfy my woman. It’s a horrible experience that is better imagined. Am telling you.

 After several research on natural solutions to weak erection and premature ejaculation and it’s related issues and after applying it to my life, I realize that the other ladies I dated afterward were always asking me for more. To be candid.


Since then, I haven’t look back on sex issues and the most benefit of it is that if I noticed my performance is dropping, I’ll just apply those techniques and ‘MAN UP’ again. The natural process is repeatable.



 I don’t like keeping things to myself, that’s why I put the guide together for you to benefit…..since knowledge shared is knowledge gained and no one’s candle ever get dim by lighting the candles of others.



 Here Are The Snippets Of What You Will Get In The Guide

  • You will learn the REAL REASON behind male and female orgasm. Man reach orgasm quickly while women reach it slowly. How do you know the amount of time it takes women to reach orgasm and use it to your advantage. Knowing this alone can guarantee, she will be thirsty of only you for life. She will be madly in love with you because you’ll know how to make her reach orgasm.
  •  Real reasons why real men and right-minded men are lacking on bed and how to offset the learnt belief system and turn a new man your wife will desire.
  • Reason why women prefer YOUNGSTERS to adult men when it comes to preference of sex. There’s one major reason why women prefer the younger guy next door to you. What is the reason? Find out in the guide.
  • Discover the secret about your sexual hormone and why it drops as you age and procedures to combat the menace.
  •  Causes of ERECTILE dysfunction, it’s effect and epic solution that are time tested.
  • Discover the real factor AFFECTING your erections. Reasons why you cannot erect more than 3-5 minutes. Since what you don’t know is above you, you need knowledge to unearth the real issue before the solution is being proffered.
  • Discover the four problems associated with the LOW hormone responsible for erection in men and how to kiss it a final bye.
  • Do you know that as you age, your bone density reduces? Likewise your hormonal level. Discover the lifelong secrets our GRANDPA uses to maintain their erection even to ripe old age.
  • Inability to erect for long largely depends on certain factors….which include psychological, physiological and biological. Discover the causes of each and be guided.
  • Do you know that your RELATIONSHIP status might also affect your erection? Discover the real secret behind wobbling relation to sexual matters on bed.
  • Discover the 7 biological factors as explained in the report that greatly affect your SEX DRIVE. This factors are everyday activities that we engage in. No one is an exception of one of these factors. Realize where you fall and how to unearth it quickly.
  • Do you know that EXCESSIVE sugar intake destroys the tissue of the body which in turn neutralize erection? But the truth is, even if you don’t take granulated sugar, 80% of the food you eat contains sugar – more reason why you’ll continue to experience erectile dysfunction. Find out the safe way to combat this issue even when you take 10 cubes of sugar daily.
  • Discover ONE critical study about your waist line and how it affect your erection. If you fall within this waist line there’s every likelihood that you experience erection disorder very soon.
  • Get ready to demystify the psychological factors which are bad habit hindering your success on bed. What are they? Discover it in the report
  • The reaction of NICOTINE present in cigarette restrict the blood vessels to circulate to the body. Discover the effect over your manhood.
  • Discover why HARD DRUGS affects the central nervous system which damages your blood vessels and result in chronic erectile dysfunction
  • Discover the time tested method you can start to practice on your own to get strong and hard erection. They are just 4. They are behavioral techniques, medications, exercise and alternative therapies.
  • Discover the power of PENAL EXERCISE by doing it every time you visit the ‘rest room’. Hey, it’s not a rocket science. It’s just an activity you do with your system. It’s a very simple task that even 12 year old boy can do. The benefit of this exercise is just to help you prolong your erection and hold the force of ejaculation during sex
  • Another powerful method shared in the book under ‘behavioural techniques’ has to be done on the bed too but this largely depends on you. The process involves a technique called ‘stop and start’. As simple as it sound, if you don’t read the full explanation of the concept, you’ll always mess up with your partner. Discover the safe process of how it can be done in the report.
  • Do you know that most drugs you know today are ‘accidental discovery’. What this mean is that when they develop a drug to solve a particular problem, they might find out it solves another problem. This is called off-label use. These medications are categorized into 4 aspect. They are called ‘SEXUAL IMMUNE BOOSTERS’. What are they? How can you take advantage of them or avoid them? Discover it in the report
  • This is a popular pill the youth used as an erection booster. It’s very powerful analgesic that works for erection disorder. It’s called ‘tramadol’. Discover it’s effect in the body and extensive explanation of this pill before you delve onto it in the guide.
  • Do anaesthetic creams and sprays that contain numbing agents works? You remember those oils and sprays some people advertised to us online for ERECTION. Do they really work? Do they really delay ejaculation? what about their side effect? Discover it in the report.
  • Discover the correlation between physical exercise with erection and the effective ones that is timely tested to increase blood flow into your penile stream.
  • What causes erectile disorder? From report got by ancient Chinese philosophy, erectile disorder is caused by energy nexuses that are present within your penis getting clogged. How do you fix this nexuses? By performing certain exercise. What is that exercise? Discover it in the book.
  • What are the right type of aerobic exercise that encourage more circulation of blood into the vein and blood stream? How do you do it without getting fagged out and how much should you do so as not to over do it because too much of everything leads to ineffectual. It can even be done at the comfort of your house by setting up certain things that will make you always want to do them. Discover all the steps in the report.
  • In the report, you’ll learn the RIGHT TYPE OF FOODS to eat that helps in erection and blood flow and how to avoid junk food. It will shock you that junk foods are the causing factors of ED. How do you avoid them? And follow simple diet plan?  Not only will these diet plan help in your erection, it will also ensure fitness in you by eliminating toxins and free radicals in your body. Guess what? All those foods are easy to get. In fact, you are surrounded with it
  • Discover the importance of vitamins in the body, especially vitamin d and how it is responsible for maximizing blood flow in the body and the type of foods you can get more of them so as to have more erection while having sexual intercourse.
  • The best therapies you can do yourself at home that doesn’t cost much to carry out. This secret of Chinese and Indians which they have been used for years. They are very powerful to carry out. They are over 12 different combo. They are done at the comfort of your home and can be done in 5 minutes and see a fantastic change in how you ejaculate. Even if only this one is what you get out of this report, it well worth it.
  • Discover the big difference between orgasm and ejaculation in men and women. Do you know that women too release the way we do?Where do orgasm occur? How does it occur in men and women? What is it all about?
  • How do you know may be a woman is FAKING it for you? Yes, some women fake it because they cannot ‘feel’ you inside. That’s why they gossip your matter at your back. Discover the real meaning of orgasm and where to press in women to provoke hot shattered orgasm in them. She will love you more……
  • Research shows that 70% of women rarely orgasm during penetrative sex because of their nature. Discover the time it takes women to reach orgasm and how they reach climax.
  • Do you know that when you ‘cum’, women are just ‘warming up’ for their real orgasm. Discover how you can recuperate the ‘refractory period’ faster and ‘cum’ in for second round before the urge dies in them.
  • Discover how you can STIMULATE ORGASM in women by doing certain things and tapping certain ‘grey’ areas in women. This is simple than you think and it can be carried out by anybody.
  • The little-known part that is responsible for almost 8000 sensory nerves in woman’s ‘Honey pot’. Learn how to tap it with your ‘dick’ and arouse her till she screams.
  • The actual style that touches her ‘G-spot” with your manhood. No, this is not immoral. It’s very normal and a welcome idea. How do you penetrate this G-spot in them? Discover it in the book.
  • Do women truly ejaculate during intra-vaginal sex? Get the answer through a study done by some urology in 2014 where 7 women took part in the trial. The result will shock you and you will discover the greatest secret your wife hides for you for years. No, it’s not her fault. That’s how women are wired.
  • You’ll discover the trend of penile growth from birth to puberty stage and the general sizes ranges in men. This will help you know maybe you have what is called ‘micropenis’ or you are suffering from a disease called ‘small penis syndrome’
  • When does penis length reach it’s full growth? At what age is the late growth an when does it stop to grow? Discover it in the report.
  • Do you know that the length of your penis can be predicted by your fingers? Yes. Asian scientist discovered this in 2011 study and was right. Which finger is it when flaccid and which finger can it be associated with when erect? This is why some ladies will tell you they can know the actual length of your dick form the point of shaking hand with you.
  • Discover the difference between the length of flaccid penis, stretched penis and erect penis. They are 3 different things and not getting this right may leads to forfeiture of your sexual prowess.
  • According to many researchers, their submission about penile length after they do several research has been demystified to get the flow chart of average penile length. Discover the flowchart and know where you fall
  • When is penis size too small ? discover the size considered as truly ‘small’ penis through the standard measurement and how you can enlarge it.
  • Do women really have concern with man’s penis length? Discover the truth about VAGINAL length and what women consider as normal, a+ size and small size. They are 3 different categories.
  • What do women really want during penetrative sex? Is it the length or your intensity? Research will dissect it for you in the report.
  • Do size matter in real life? Discover why size only matters in porn and the real truth about penis sizes and how to sensitize yourself.
  • When should a man’s penis be considered for elongation and truth about penile extenders
  • Discover the cause of small penis syndrome in men. A typical case is the ‘early childhood mentality’, which everyone has experienced in the past. How does it happen? Why has it registered in our brain and how can you get rid of it when indeed your size falls within normal range.
  • You might be having developmental issues like your TESTICLES which might lead to your penis not experiencing upward lift when you wear jeans or under pant. How do you impaired this problem? Discover it and apply the suggested solutions
  • Learn effective process to check whether you have a small dick or normal length by following simple procedure.
  • Do penis extender really work? If so, how do they work? Which ones are effective in extending penis? Discover the real truth from 3 studies of men that used it in the past and their feedback on extenders.
  • Without extenders, there are other effective techniques you can use to enhance the length of your penis. They are called ‘home-made techniques’ and has been found very effective. What are they? How can you take full advantage of them? Discover it in the report.
  • And much more……



It doesn’t end there, when you get the report, I’ll also add a very powerful bonus with it. Am very generous man huh! Exactly, when you opt-in for the report, you’ll get another report titled:

Peyronie Disease..the truth about penis curvature and how to straighten it. 


The truth is, many men out there are having issues about their penis. What is penile curvature? It is simply the disease of a man’s penis to curve than normal

Normal penile, when erect, should be straight. Not curve 

Although reserch suggest that some people’s penis curve a little…which is normal but when the curve is abnormal, leading to painful sex, then there’s a need to correct it. Wait, I know what you are thinking, it can be corrected through the use of certain devices.

But, you can’t do what you don’t know well and you cant offer a solution you don’t know exist.


I have a simple confession here. The guide is not originally my product. It’s an assemblage of my research through mayo clinic and web md because when it comes to online journal about health, those are the respected authority.



Why do I put them together? Because I don’t want to disappoint you, I don’t want your trust in me be lowballed.


Also, I don’t want any plagiarism and copyscape issue from those sites. That’s why I just put them together with their link. Nothing is altered from those articles and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.



 Aside from that, you’ll have access to my direct telephone line to talk to me at a specified time of the day. This alone worth more than #50,000 becauase I’m a busy guy.  


You’ll have access to my secret telegram group where I will be discussing health issues and their holistic solutions.  


You will be enrolled to my secret facebook group that will be specifically for health talks and how to satisfy woman on bed.  


You can schedule an appointment with me on phone, whatsapp, or skype if you reside outside Nigeria and discuss your health issues with me and we iron out the solution.

And You Have My 365 Days ‘No Question’ Ask Money Back Guarantee.



I’m very sure beyond any reasonable doubt that this blueprint will solve your erection problem especially if you carryout the suggested techniques the way it’s being explained in the guide.  



Here’s the catch, I will refund 100% of your money if you don’t see increase in your erection and penetration level. That’s how sure I am about the guide.




And how much do you think this guide will cost?


Of course, it will not cost a fortune that can tear your pocket. In fact the price is just a token and It’s like a give away.  


You get the last like horse blueprint plus all the bonuses at an introductory price of :




Why Is The Price So Low Compare To It's Value?

You see, I’ve always love to help people in my own little way. Don’t forget this is a synthesis of over 10 years experience as a health consultant of one of top health companies in Nigeria.

But that’s not the only reason. I actually research and filter what works into the guide, leaving out the botch.

I’ve synthesize only the meat in the pie, sparing you the entire loaf.

Now here’s a warning

This is just an introductory price that will not last long. The price can change at any time soon. You can even come back to this page and see the price increase to it’s normal price of #7500. Am pretty serious about it.

The introductory price will only last for just 2 weeks starting from the publication date. Depending on when you are opportuned to see it now. It might be a week, 3 days or even 2 days left.

You’ve got to make hay while it’s still hot.


Now consider this. The price is nowhere compared to what you spend money on every day. It’s not even up to your monthly dstv or gotv subscription.


If you divide the price by 30 you will realize it’s not up to #150 naira per day. You can see why I said it is not up to the amount you spend on airtime daily let alone your monthly subscription of any kind like dstv, data subscription and so on.



Now, what will an investment of just #4k mean to your sexual life? A lot.



Because all the technique are reuseable till eternity. As soon as you lay your hand on the guide, you have the secret for life and you have peace of mind concerning the other room matters.




Worst still, many sexual enhancement pills out there are even sold at an exorbitant rate of #20,000 or more per bottle and you will soon exhaust it and order for another one. And most of them has negative side effect to your health.



But when you have this guide, just do what it says and fire on. This is even safe because all the information shared are naturals with no side effect.



The guide is just like a check list to bid farewell to premature ejaculation and weak erection.




Here’s how to order.


You’ve got two options to order for a copy today.


Option #1
After clicking the order now botton, it will take you to a payment gateway whereby you just input your name, email address and click on pay.

You will need your ATM card details to complete the transaction.

After successful payment, it will redirect you to a page whereby you will download your copy plus the bonuses and you start consuming the product.




You can see that it’s very fast.



Option #2. or you can pay through bank by cash deposit or online transfer through your bank app or through USSD if you are using small phone to one of the following account.

Act Name: Lawal Sulaymon Adeshina

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Bank: Gtbank


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Bank: Sterling Bank



After successful payment, take a screenshot/snapshot of your deposit slip or the receipt of your payment you made on your phone and send to or you send it to 08053825808 (whatsapp message) and after we confirm your payment the download link will be sent to you immediately.




But I urge you to use option 1 for convenience sake. But If you are the type that likes to waste your precious time by standing on que for hours in bank, you can use the second option.

All well and good

Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How long is the guide cos I don’t like reading long boring academic text?


A. Believe me, this guide has been written in a lucid and reader friendly manner. I can bet you it’s detailed and explained in a grade 12 english. You will understand it even if you fail English in school.



Q. How long will the download take


A. As soon as you make your payment, it will take you to the download page and you just download it straightway. It doesn’t take up to 2 minutes. Also, the data it will consume id not even up to 10 mb. So it’s very affordable.




Q. How long will I get result after putting the technique in the guide to practice


A. It will only take few days to get result. The highest is 7 days. If uour case is chronic because the erection combinations explained in the guide alone will work like magic. Your wife will be the one to tell you it’s enough. That’s how sure I am.



Q. Is there after sales support for me?


A. Yes, there’s after sales support. You can reach me through or 08053825808 (whatsapp or text messages) and ask your burning question and I will answer your question ASAP. You can even schedule a phone appointment with me because your result is what matters to me.

Here’s What You Are Getting Again.

Last like horse blueprint: a guide that explain in details how to last long with your partner in the ‘other room’ every time you have fun.


Penile curvature guide: an extensive explanation about peyronie disease and how to prevent it.


Access to my secret facebook group, where we talk about health and sexual activities in a matured way without lowballing anyone.


Access to me directly on your sexual problem through phone or one on one.


Access to my telegram group whereby we discuss health and other diseases.

This is the bottom slider area. You can edit this text and also insert any element here. This is a good place if you want to put an opt-in form or a scarcity countdown.