"Experienced Imigration Consultant Present A Step By Step Guide On How To Legally Relocate To CANADA Through An Unpopular Route With Low Entry Barrier".


"This New Relocation Program By The Canadian Government Create An Easy Visa Route For Everyone Willing To Seize The Opportunity".



"Have you been trying to relocate to Canada with no apparent success?"   


"Have you been facing difficulty with your Canadian relocation process and simply stuck?"   


"Do you really want to know about more straightforward relocation program you can start working with today and land in Canada within the next 6 months?"  



If you would like to know more about easiest and sweat free route that is now available to anyone interested in relocating to Canada without spending much on travel agents and wasting time on trial and error approach, this would be the most important message you ever read. (provided you are patient enough to read to the end).  




Here’s why.  




Everyone want a good life. Just like you do too. There are obvious reasons people want to relocate from a third world country like Nigeria to a first world country like Canada.  



The obvious ones known to you and I is the situation we found ourselves in this country. I’m sure you can relate. There's no need to delve into the basics




Now in the process of relocating to an enabling environment that’s more immigrant friendly, many people’s account has been drained by dubious travelling agents who love to prey on ignorance of people thereby making simple things difficult.  




Worst still, self acclaimed travel agents are not even updated on different route to Canada let alone how to help you with the visa process and duped a lot of people with millions of naira.



I understand there are loyal agents out there that worth their salt but the information you will get today by yourself are the ways they will also go through whenever they want to help you with a Canadian visa and charges you exhorbitantly. Are you with me?  



It’s not their fault. They are also in business to make money and they are rendering service for you.  



Worst still, many folks get duped in the process of searching for a way out online by typing  the keyword ‘how to relocate to canada’ to google.  


Most of those information online are junks that are put together by those that have never stepped into embassy before.   It’s just like the blind leading the blind.    



But not again. Not today. Not any longer.  



Today is your day of emancipation from fatal claw of abjectivity because today you will understand the 3 different types of entry program the Canadian government made available to anyone that has the criteria and can prove their eligibility.  



You will understand their benefits and setbacks and choose the one that is easy for you without involving any outside agent or consultant and you’ll be granted visa to Canada.  



Yes I mean Canadian visa.  



This might sound rather too good to be true but if you can be patient enough and assimilate all the information herein, I promise you that what those agent charges you humongous amount of money will be a thing of the past and you will go through the process from start to finish yourself and you’ll realize that it’s very easy than you think.  




Now let’s cut to the chase.  



Canada is one of the first world country that welcome immigrants with the widest open hand at the moment. They are immigrant friendly.  



Why are they doing this?



Because they are underpopulated. They need people to fill in their work force and other socio-economic space. Their economy is sound and their unemployment rate is extremely low.  



Early 2018, Canadian government announce they target to bring in 1 million immigrants between 2018 to 2020 which makes it easier for new immigrant hoping to relocate to Canada.  



However, in 2018 alone, the Canadian immigration authorities announced that they had welcome 82000 people.  



Now let me tell you one caveat. You see, 1 million is much but it’s just a rough estimate of immigrant they are proposing to bring in.  






Because in 2019, they increase their cut off point and many people were rejected  due to the program they applied for which I will explain to you shortly.  



Although despite the steady increase in this cut-off marks, a lot of people were accepted…..which means there is still hope for a lot of people.  



Now there are 3 entry program you can put in if you want to relocate to Canada which are:


  • Express Entry Program



  • Provincial Nominee Program


  • A New Untapped Route That I will disclose later.  




For Express Entry Program


This is a point based immigration program by the Canadian authorities based on pre arranged requirements.  


You need to have a higher score points for your education, age, English language proficiency test popularly known as IELTS Test, previous work experience, relative in Canada, employment offer in Canada, proof of funds and so on.  



What do all these mean?  



This means that if, for instance, you have an MSc and your counterpart has just a BSc, then you have a higher chance of getting accepted than him.  




Also, assuming you are working in a very big reputable company in Nigeria, like my friend that’s working in nourdym, the maker of magic detergent soap, then that will add to your credentials.  




In the same vein, if you apply for a job through LinkedIn and you’ve been offered and employment letter, then your papers will be favourably considered.  




In short, this program has a cut-off points they’ve set and you are required to meet it before your visa can be granted.  




You can see it’s a bit herculean right? But you have to meet it before your visa is granted.




Just like the cut off point set for incoming jambite students by different schools in Nigeria. You know their cut-off points varies likewise their admission procedure. Am sure you get the picture now.  





This will lead us to the second program which is  



Provincial  Nominee Program (PNP)


This program is another options for immigrants that want to relocate to Canada. What province mean in simple English is Area/region/city. Just like lagos is a province in Nigeria.  



This is how it’s done. You apply to, say, a province like Toronto or Vancouver or Ontario. The province now select you provided you meet up their criteria and you later apply at the federal level.  



In most cases, the provinces you applied for gives you enough points to scaled through the federal cut off. For instance, if you have a family in a province or you have the required work experience in the field they need in that province, then your required criteria is becoming higher and you have a greater chance of getting your visa granted.  




Let me break this down for easier understanding.  



Now picture this. Someone (emigrant) in London wants a visa to Nigeria. He applies through province program, he already know he want to work in Lagos, say; Nestle for instance. Are you with me?  




Nestle has a job offer and put online. Our oyinbo friend then apply for the job and Nestle offer him the job and tell him to come to Nigeria if he really wants to work here.    




Now, the guy apply through our 'Provincial Nominee Program' and he meet all our required points, then his application would be transferred to the federal level but this time he has high acceptance rate than thousands of others because he has already apply through the province.  




Do you get the picture now?  




But here’s the bottleneck . These 2 entry programs, I mean the Express Entry Program and Provincial Nominee Program is a bit complicated. Why?  



Because it required the following:


  • High CRS score       


  • High proof of fund


  • High IELTS Score.


  • Employment offer to boost your CRS score.


  • Education level. Remember I said a MSc holder has higher point than a BSc holder


And so on.  



You may be familiar with these 2 programs or your travel agent might only know these two programs, that’s why they continue to bill you with no success because they continue to violate one or two of these laws.  



Also, cut off points for these entry programs is becoming higher. Yes I mean higher than it was 2 years ago.  



Also, Canada immigration policies change from time to time. The procedure is changing almost every month because more people  are applying and the yearly quota is quickly reached because there are more applications around the world. It’s just like simple demand and supply. The supply is higher than the demand.  




Is there no hope for the underdogs that really want to relocate to Canada with low entry requirement?  No.


'There’s a good news as Canada is a country well known for accepting higher numbers of immigrant'.  



Canadian government just released a new route to Canada for people known as NORTHERN IMMIGRATION PILOT.  



This immigration program was just announced in first quarter of 2019 and was fully opened in "November 2019" which provides a better pathway to relocate as a permanent resident in Canada and many people are benefitting from it.  




Why is this program better than the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program? 



  • You only require low IELTS score.      


  • You get a job even before leaving Nigeria thereby making it easier and quicker to start work on arrival to Canada.      


  • You only require 12 months work experience which I know you already have. Even if you don’t have, all your experience in Nigeria is enough as work experience.  



  • Age doesn’t matter.  



  • You only require to have a 2 years post-secondary education e.g OND, NCE and the likes.   



  • The least job available there pays $17/hour which is equivalent to $3000 per month. That’s over 1 million Nigerian naira.       



  • Settlement funds required is extremely lower than the other program.         


  • This program is not a point based system. What you just need to do is to meet the essential criteria.         



  • The program is still fresh and many immigrant are less aware of it.       


  • Acceptance rate is high since these communities need now comers to support their settlement. -         


  • There are a lot of jobs available.  



How do you harness this opportunity?



"Well, mr Daniel Ola (an experienced Canadian resident) and Nike Johnson (an experienced immigration consultant) have put together a video presentation that walks you through the step by step approach to land in Canada within the next 6 months".   



Kindly click the link below to gain access to the video.  


Click here to access the video presentation.  




P.S: kindly watch the video to the end so as to get the meat in the pie and the offer on how to relocate to Canada with ease.  



P.P.S: kindly note this is not for everyone, we already know that some people will still find it hard to hold their plate even if it rains porridge. But if you are tired with your current situation in your current country (Nigeria) and you are looking for a greener pasture, here is a fresh opportunity for you before it’s bombarded.  



P.P.P.S: you need to have an active internet connection to watch the video presentation from start to finish but I bet you, it will be well worth your time in the end because it’s just a 20 minutes or so video.

Click Here To Watch The Video Presentation Now!

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