"New Scientific Method is Teaching Nigerian Men How To Unlock The Secret Power To Last Long In The 'Other Room' Without Wasting Money On Pills".


"Would you love to understand the reason behind your coming within 1 minute or less and holistic solutions to it?"



"Do you want to be confident with any woman when the real match began and have peace of mind that you can go any round without getting tired after the first round?"  



"Do you want your spouse not to cheat on you on matters relating to the other room by giving her more than enough whenever she needs it?"



Dear friend,


If you have been having serious problem about prematur ejaculatn or weak erectn and your wife has been complaining about your 1-minute release and weak carrot, then this might be the most important article you’ll ever tread.



Here’s why;  


When I was in 400 level in the university, we did a course placed under general studies. This course has to do with Adult Education’. Where the woman lecturer stresses a lot of reasons for divorce and intense argument in household today.



On top of the list has to do with how couples or intending couples handles the other room issues at home and how it’s creating a heated argument between happy couples in different homes today. Am sure you can relate  



Why do we need to nip the issue in the bud? For a lot of reasons. Let me explain.  



Many houses have been on fire due to lack of capacity of the husband on copulatin matters. This is due to lack of confidence of the husband on matters relating to bedroom.


Others shy away from their responsibilities thereby lying about their busy schedule at work. Am sure you can relate?



We’ve heard several cases of married women being caught with guys that are extremely lower in cadre to their husband or spouse whereby the guy deliver more than their husband in the 'other room'



A lot of infidelity is going on in homes which is becoming societal norms nowadays, unless and until something drastic stops the trend.   Worst still, leaders in different organization that suppose to counsel people on the need to satisfy their women are shying away from the topic, purposefully because of their lack of adequate understanding or proper knowledge of the topic.  



Who knows maybe they are also going through such problem? Everyone gets his own issue to solve.  



Some men also believe that money is the only medium of showing love to their partner, thereby ignoring the fun aspect. Their popular slogan often reads ‘is fun food’? they can spend any amount on their women just to make her happy but when the woman makes advances, they withdraw like a dead fish.




And when such woman looks elsewhere for satisfaction, they start labelling her with different names. They even consider such lady a ‘harlot’. Little do they know that money and bedroom matters carry 50/50 in women’s heart.




Let me tell you a secret, when women consider moving out with you, they consider two things, your pocket and your inner chamber.



What do I mean? You see, money does much in women’s heart, but the other aspect is equally important to them too. Also, copulation is a natural urge that is part of human make up either you are a man or a woman. Just like food, sleep, tiredness, boredom are natural urge. Bedroom Fun is a greater urge among them all.  



That’s why you see many rich women having young guys to do the needful for them due to the fact that their husband is far away or abroad. At least you should have heard a news whereby a gatekeeper is having amorous affair with ‘chief’s wife’.



That’s an extreme case anyway but those news are very true, at least to larger extent.  



I once read a popular forum whereby a lady laments about his mans short term penetration and quick release issue and many people start saying different things about her.




The truth is that she’s being honest about his fiancé issue and people start labeling her with different names. 



See, I know some ladies that will not tell you the problem and will start misbehaving to you and later cheat on you outside with a guy that can deliver better than you. This is not a subject to be taken with levity hand. It’s a real deal. Many homes are going through a lot of serious heat like this and what you guys could say is that ‘my woman is insatiable’.  



Don’t you know women too have urge of their own?  



Anyway, you are not alone if you are reading this article and experiencing such trauma. Do you know why?  



Virtually every adult will experience this problem in his adult life because of the functioning of our system AND because your 'Adult hormone drops as you age'. Let me explain.



As human being grows up, certain hormone in their body diminishes with time due to age.  



Picture this scenario. When you were very young, there are a lot of scary exercises you do without any recourse to injury. Virtually, you do them fearlessly and whenever you get wound, you stop until it heals and start again.  



As you grow old, you drop some of this childish play that can hurt. All those extreme exercises that can easily give you a wound in your body is later boycott.  



Why is this happening?  



Because your body is now reacting to certain stimulus. During the first 20 years of your life, what your body is trying to do is to grow all the organs of your body but as soon as you are above 20 years old, your body start to withdraw certain hormones in your body. Are you with me? 



The same thing is applicable to this particular hormone responsible for erection in your body.  



What is this hormone we are talking about?



It’s called:            TESTOSTERONE.  



Now what is TESTOSTERONE?  



"This is the hormone responsible for your erection as a man throughout your life. Your ability to erect as a man will largely depend on this hormone. It’s the key male hormone that regulates fertility and red blood cell production. It’s the hormone solely responsible for the development of  Manhood Drive and it’s produced mainly in the testicle".  



This hormone is the one responsible for erection of your manhood and any imbalance in this hormone will result into either of these two problems


1.       Erectile dysfunctn (ED)

2.       Premature ejaculatn.  (PE)



Then what is 'Erectile Dysfunctn' and 'Premature Ejaculatn'?  



Let’s take them one after the other for easier understanding.  



Prematur  Ejaculatn: this is a situation whereby a man cannot last long in a woman’s ‘honey pot’ more than 1 or 2 minutes before he 'CUM'. And as you know, after you CUM, your john thomas becomes weak and you wait till it erect tagain. Are you with me?



Now here comes the problem.  You might find it difficult to erect the second time quickly and easily. Why? Because your testosterone is low due to varieties of body killing foods you put in your body (more on that later, let’s focus on the current explanation)



Also, the period between the first round and second is called ‘REFRACTORY PERIOD’  



When it’s taking long for you to erect your john thomas for the second round, your partner will be getting fagged out and lose interest.





Only very few women have the time and patient to devote to the second round because the URGE in them will digress and reach back to zero.  




That is why you see some women after your first penetrative FUN, which is about 4 minutes, and your manhood cannot erect for second round or it takes longer than expected, the urge dies in them and they are not thirst for it again.    



Now, our friend still erect, but he just cannot last long.




This will lead us to the second problem known as:  




ERECTIL DYSFUNCTN: On the other hand, this is a situation whereby the Manhood cannot erect at all, no matter the foreplay he has with his partner due to defect in his testosterone level. Dysfunctn in plain English language means ‘not functioning’ at all.  



Why do testosterone boosting important to be taken care of?  


A lot!  


Let Me Give You Some Reasons Why I Considered It Very Important.



According to national institute of health (NIH) in America, production of testosterone starts to reduce as soon as you are 35 years of age. Either you like it or not. Also, the research concludes that, after the age of 30, the concentration of circulating testosterone falls by 1.6 % every year for most men.  



Now this is a research conducted by American institute on healthy men that takes cognizance of their health. Let alone Nigerian men that eat anyhow and doesn’t manage their health with rapt attention.  



What does this mean?




This means that if you are 30 years and above now, either you like it or not, your testosterone will start dropping. It’s high time you take corrective measures before it gets out of hand.  




Why Do Most Men Neglect Their Erection Level?  


This has been a subject of concern. Many men neglect this vital issue because they don’t know how to solve it or they shy away from their responsibility as a man or they don’t know that solutions are available to combat this menace.  



Most men do not know what to do to increase the production of this hormone. They eventually get to a level of very low testosterone and resign to fate. They assume it’s natural and cannot be changed.  



Others believe that ‘ Manhood immune boosters’ or what they otherwise called 'Aphrodisiac' are the best solution to their erection problem, they therefore used those pills few minutes before copulation starts to help them last longer on bed.



While those drugs work to large extent, the aftermath can be disastrous. In short, it causes a lot of damage than good to the body. Let me explain.  



When you use Aphrodisiac, it works directly on your heart and the normal resting heart rate for adult is between 60 and 100 beats per minutes (bpm). The heart beat speed up during certain exercise like Fun.



However, during intercourse, a man’s heart rate increases to 130 beats per minute and his systolic blood pressure (the higher number recorded when the heart is pumping blood) nearly always stays under 170.  



When you now use Aphrodisiac, your heart rate increases above 130 beats per minute and your systolic blood pressure jump above 170 due to the reaction of the drug you use. The drug will increase the blood flowing from your heart through to your penile gland (CARROT) to maintain erection for long. This will later result in malfunctioning of the heart and flowing of the blood.  



When you are done, the heart rate come back to normal but due to the over work the heart has done, the adverse effect will lead to chronic headache, nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and other effects.


That’s why you hear some men complaining of chronic headache after having FUN with women. Are you with me?  



In the same vein, the problem with these drugs is that when you indulge in them, it becomes habitual to the extent that you can’t have FUN without them. Whenever you want to have fun with your spouse the first thing that will come to your mind is the enhancer. Whereas it’s unnecessary. Habit is easier to form and hard to break. Am sure you know.  



Now, prolong use of those drugs will later affect the central nervous system which invariably damages your blood vessels and result in chronic erectil dysfunctn, weakening of d erectil muscles and God forbid, permanent low sprm count.  



Worst still, taking those drugs with other drugs might cause serious complication later. For instance, if you are on nitrate medication (medication used for treating or preventing heart pain) and you mistakenly use Aphrodisiac with it can result in low blood pressure.  



In fact, it can even result in death. Yes. I mean death. There are several cases of death related issues reported in heath magazines that’s as a result of using those pills  



That’s why they don’t sell those pills over the counter again. They are now categorized under ‘prescription drugs’, meaning that you will need doctor’s approval before they can sell them for you.  



Believe me, all these are scary steps to regain your 'CARROT' on bed



What if there are safer ways to satisfy your spouse with no consequences at all. Afterall our grandparents do not involve in all these pills and they perform exceptionally well with their wives in the olden days. They even have more than one wife then. What’s their secret?  



Just like what one philosopher say the fool of 21st century is a man that cannot learn, unlearn and relearn a particular topic.  



Am sure you as a reader of this post, is smarter than that.  



So, how can you increase the production of testosterone in your body?



I’ll share at least 3 techniques that are holistic, time tested and easy to carry out to boost your testosterone level and improve your glorious time on bed.  



Time tested method for a rock-hard erection.


You see, there are two categories of problems. The one you have the capacity to solve and the other you are incapacitated to solve.  


For instance, if you are short in height, there’s no magical pill or miraculous expert that can make you tall. That’s a problem you don’t have the capacity to solve.  



But if you have erection problem, the capacity to solve it is within reach, if only you can put it to practice.  


Few of which are:



A. Pelvic Muscle Exercise

People don’t do this exercise basically because they are unaware of it or they consider it too simple to follow. Small things that most men neglect makes few men healthy.



If you can only spend some minutes a day to strengthen your ‘carrot. It twill help you get frequent and stronger erection and help you last long in the other room. 


Here’s how it goes.  


From today, whenever you want to urinate, no matter how hurry you are to pass OUT your urine, simply stop midstream for like 10 seconds and start again. In short, stop and start your urine at least 3-4 times during every trip to the toilet.  


Using your ability to stop a flow of urine will help you control your RELEASE.



This not only teaches you how to find the PENILE muscle, but to get your muscle to be stronger to hold yourself whenever you want to CUM.



This exercise is tougher than it sounds at first. Yet, this is the exercise that will help you prolong your erections and hold the force with which you ejaculate.  


Do this as long as you live     



2, Stop And Start Technique

Another technique that could help so much is to stop stimulation just prior to Release. The process involves your power to remove your CARROT from the ‘honey pot when you are about to CUM. Wait for some seconds or probably 2-minute until the level of arousal has diminished and then insert and start again.



Repeat the process for as long as you want and you will know how to hold your urge. You can even be taking a gulp or two gulps of water in between those activities to suppress the urge.  




3, Engage Your Body In Push-Ups

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, erectil dysfunctn is caused by the energy nexuses that are present within your manhood getting clogged. This is inevitable because a lot of energy goes through these nexuses every day. A clog is also inevitable but this does not mean that it cannot be fixed and the best way to fix the nexus is ‘push ups’



Hey, you might be thinking push-ups is not particularly effective.  



Afterall, it’s meant to exercise your upper body such as your chest and shoulder muscles. How can push-ups possibly help in ED?  



Remember we say erection is directly proportional to effective blood circulation in the body. Therefore, this helps improving blood circulation in your body.  



If you are suffering from poor circulation, it is important that you exercise in order to get your body into the practice of pumping blood to its various areas more efficiently.  



Aside from this benefit, push-up helps greatly by strengthening your core. These include the muscle of your abdomen as well as your lower back and your pelvic muscle…. Which invariably is the most important of all muscles.



In other to stabilize yourself during pushups, you are going to strengthen your core muscles, which in turns mean that your pelvic muscles are strengthened as well. This makes it a lot easier to get an erection. Why? Because your pelvic muscles will become more powerful and exercising your pelvic muscle is going to encourage blood flow to that particular angle of your body.  Therefore, more blood flows mean more erection booster.  



How do you do push-ups? You can do it by putting your two palms facing the ground and stretch yourself with your leg resting on your toe. You move up and down without your chest touching the ground. You can do 10 - 20 sets depending on how you can endure as a starter. As soon as you get into it, you will realize that 20 reps will be lighter and you increase it to 30, 40 and so on at a stretch.  



This exercise has an opiate effect    



Now that you know the 3 effective methods you can use to increase your TESTOSTERONE level, you can apply it immediately and start getting result fast.  



However, there are other ways to increase your testosterone level and have a glorious time with your partner but time and space will not allow us to discuss it here. This is a long post already. Before we proceed, I’ll love to have your contact details which include your name, email in other to give it to you.  



Why do I need those details. You see, there are other effective, time tested methods including 'do it yourself' herbal mixtures consisting of only fruits mixtures you can see around. They are easy to carry out within few minutes which space will not permit here. 



If I dish out everything for you here, it will be too cumbersome and you will be overwhelmed to inaction. You see, I’ve discovered something about human brain. It comprehend a complex issues when it is broken down into steps. That’s why the email series will help in digesting the knowledge bit by bit.  



Can you now see reasons why I need your functioning emails and names? So as not to miss out on the fresh nuggets I’ll be sending your way every day.



However, this is not for everyone. Afterall not everyone has the same issue at one point or the other. Also not everyone is ready to upgrade their romantic lives with their partners.



Most men are comfortable with their 1 minute things while others are satisfied with their wives cheating on them on account of underperformance in the other room, even if they know their wive cheats.  



But if you want to put an end to the setback on copulation matters, I think you should opt in to my list. Just click the link below and fill in your name and email AND LET'S GET STARTED.


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