"An Amazing Chinese Pills That Enables Every Man Have SOLID ERECTION And Penetrate Up To 60 Minutes On Every Round During Intercourse Even If He’s Diagnosed Of Premature EJACULATION Or Erectile Dysfunction"




"This Traditional Chinese medicine will proclaim you DISCHARGE and acquitted from your WIFE'S molestation and it can be used by any man at any age even if you are 65 years old.


Dear friend,


If you have been having issues about your erection and satisfying your partner in the other room and you are worried about it lately with no apparent solution, this will be the most important letter you ever read.


 Here’s why,


You see, sex is one of the most important part of showing love to your partner and it’s one of the vital component of affection too. Let me tell you, next to 'physiological needs' like food, shelter and clothing is sexual need

 Why is this topic extremely important? For one reason which is……




 You see, there are certain things attached to human being that are natural urge and can only be satisfied with other partner. Example of such is 'hunger, sleep and sex'. Am sure you can relate.


 The first two are self explanatory because we all know the adverse effect and consequences of hunger and having a sleepless night and in the day.


 In fact, if someone is not eating beside you for some days, you’ll be thinking ‘does he/she want to kill himself’. I’ve had a friend that is now late (may his soul continue to rest in peace) due to 'sleeplessness'. What’s the cause of his death? Am sure you are wondering why?



 The guy was having an issue with his organ which intervene to his sleep for 15 days. Am sure you read the last sentence well. 15 good days, he refuses to sleep and on the 16th day he gave up the ghost.


 Before his brothers could know the cause of her disease, it was already too late. They all take heart.


 Why do I relate this story with you? To prove a point. An unrelated one.


 'Urge…… I mean natural urge'.


The universe works on certain principle which we otherwise call laws. Attempts to cheat nature is a suicidal. Sleep is a natural urge, likewise hunger


Hunger has killed many in their hundreds. We have heard in the news, several cases of famine that kills uncivilized children in Africa



 The third urge that pertain to human being is SEX.



 This subject is so broad that it’s killing and ruining many happy home. Infact, in most cases it’s the bone of contention



What Women Do Behind Their Husband.  

Have you heard about stories of how the wife of a very rich man that’s being supplied by almost every material things you can think of still cheat on his husband? Am sure you’ll have heard it at one point or the other.


We’ve heard cases upon cases of how respected authorities wife misbehave to them due to lack of 'sexual satisfaction'.



Let me tell you, when coulples are fighting and could not explain the genesis of their fight, then know that there’s more to it. 90% of the time, it might be the man not satisfying the woman sexually. It pains the woman in the ass than menstrual pain.


Of course, money does much in a relationship. In fact it carries higher percentage. But when it comes to ‘the other room’ matter, it’s not a joke to woman. Let me tell you the bitter truth, money and sex carries 50/50 in women’s world.



In the same vain, you must have seen some women guarding their husband jealously from other prey outside. When over zealousness of the lady is too much in women’s heart, she might misbehave if she caught her man cheat.

Why? Because they don’t want other women out there have a taste of what they are enjoying.


It’s mind-boggling issues that some women even result to artificial vibrators for sexual satisfaction; provided they don’t want to have extra marital affairs outside.


Why is this happening?

Am sure you are following. You see, as men age, their 'TESTOSTERONE' level drops. Am sure by now you should understand what 'testosterone' is all about. For comprehension purposes, it worth restating here.


Testosterone is the hormone responsible for man’s erection from cradle till grave. Do you know the worst part, after the age of 30 years, it automatically drops by 1.6% every year till your ripe old age.


In addition, when you are copulating with woman, research shows that women reach orgasm slowly than men. It takes men about 3-5 minutes to reach climax. As you know, when you reach climax, what would happen? You release and your manhood becomes flaccid, waiting for the second round.


"Women on the other hand takes about 15 – 20 minutes before they climax which makes it difficult for them to reach orgasm"


Worst still, some men might have been performing wonderfully well during their early stage of their relationship or marriage but suddenly dropped in performance due to a lot of factors.


It can be:

  • Psychological
  • Emotional or
  • Biological.  


A lot of factors contribute to it.


But you are not alone. It happens to virtually all men


A lot of corrective measures has been developed to combat this issue but a lot of them are dangerous pills that promise much and delivers little.  

Most of them are in terms of pills, lotion, sprays and drugs but you know what? They are all lies. Simple. THEY DO NOT WORK.



Also, many alternative remedies are being developed as herbal products but most of them too are just another botch.


So how do you fight erection issue


'You can either reseach and combine series of natural foods, fruits and roots together and solve it yourself…..that is if you even get the right combo'


But what we have discovered is that most of them are way too expensive on the long run and cannot be maintained due to busy lives we all live now.


Or you use Safe SUPPLEMENT


Yes, I mean Safe Herbal Supplement that has been carefully prepared by companies and you pay them token.



Why Herbal Supplement? 

Our body needs certain nutrients everyday to function at optimal level which we cannot GET from the food we eat. For instance, 'do you know that you need over 2000 calories per day to meet up the used/burnt calories on a daily basis?


Yes you do. And where do you get calories? From food you eat but most of them are not rich enough to give you even '500 calories per day'.


That’s why you see some men suffering from accelerated aging as they grow because the vitamins and minerals they take in cannot commensurate the one’s they burn.


Also, the body needs a lot of water rich foods like fruits and vegetables to regulate a lot of hormones in the body but the fruits we eat in Nigeria is being chemicalized and harvested for quick cash. That’s why it seems they do not work again.


What if I tell you there's just a safe pill that one can use and start working within 10 minutes of the match and you perform for over 60 minutes on the field?


What if there are time tested supplement that is NAFDAC approved and FIDSON heathcare service assembled product that can help you last long with your partner and increase your glorious time on bed?


This is not another me too pills that over promise and under deliver



This is not another hyped supplement that has serious adverse effect after long term usage.



This is a product that many customers have testified it’s genuiness and originality.



This is a 30 days money back guarantee product that works for everyone.



Introducing: REVIVE Herbal Capsule


This is a Chinese herbal medicine carefully assembled in Nigeria by FIDSON health care (arguably one of the leading health care manufacturers in the country at the turn of the century) and is being distributed on a multilevel marketing company called kedi healthcare. 



This product has been revamping men from insults of women calling them ‘indomie men’ for the past 10 years and it’s still growing.


Many hopeless men that almost lose their wife to another scrupulous men due to inaction of their deek has regained their manhood erection and they can penetrate for at least 30 minutes and more.



Component of mans’ penis.


The penis is composed of 3 cylinders which are Corpus Spongiosum and two Corpora Cavernosa. Known as the corpus cavernosum of the penis. This pipe contains erectile tissues. An arteries run along the middle of each corpus cavernosa whose function is to facilitate sTrong and hard penile erections



However, there are muscles surrounding this cavernosum. It’s function is to support the penis when erect and contract during ejaculation.


Now to achieve erection, the brain sends impulses to the nerves in the penis known as 'testosterone hormone' which causes the muscles around the corpora cavernosum erect because of the blood flow with pressure to ensure expansion of the penis.


Once the blood is trapped, a muscle located in the Corpora Cavernosa helps to sustain the erection. To last long now depends on how long the blood inside the corpora cavernosa is trapped and how much blood is pumped through the heart to the muscle during fun time.


The erection will then be reversed once the muscle contract and stops the blood flow in to the corpora cavernosa thereby the penis becomes flaccid.


Don’t worry, I’ll make it look simple


You see, whenever you are having fun with your partner, two things are involved. The brain that sends certain hormones as a signal into your penis, just like it send signals whenever you want to ease yourself or urinate.

When the bladder is full, your brain send signal to the urinary tract and you walk to the toilet to pass it out.


Are you getting the picture now.


The same thing when you want to pass your shit through the anus, the digestive tract will push the shit to the anus and send signal to the brain for you to pass it out.


Like wise in  Copulation. Your brain will send signal to your heart to pump enough blood to the penile muscle known as corpora cavernosa.

When the blood flowing is enough, the penis  get erect and stays like that for minutes for it to last long inside the honey pot.


But certain things makes the blood to last long in there. And that is the testosterone. After some excitement, it will stop.


There are certain nutrients in the body that maintain the blood flow through the penile muscle. They are found in foods and herbs which are called Multivitamins. This is always available in short supply to us.


For instance, it is said that for you to get 1500 mg ascorbic  acid from our daily orainge fruits. You need to take 60 oranges. Can you take that in a day?


That’s why supplement is needed to do the job. More reason why you need revive capsule that’s carefully prepared from fruit, root and herbs.




Composition Of Revive Capsule.


Revive is composed of herbal roots and barks that are found only in traditional Chinese medicine. That’s why it’s efficacy is incomparable


It’s composed of

  • Radix ginseng  
  • Herba epimedii         
  • Fructus tribuli also known as baijili    
  • Cortex eucommiae
  • Cordyceps (caterpillar fungus or caterpillar mushroom)


Permit me to quickly explain each properties and functions as it pertains to boosting sexual enhancement.

'Radix Ginseng'

This is otherwise known as 'Panax Ginseng' and it’s a plant that grows in korea, northeastern china and far eastern Siberia. It’s function include the treatment of fertility problems and sexual dysfuntion in men to combat premature ejaculation, fever, hangover etc. it contains many active substances like ginsenosides and panaxosides.  



Ginsenosides is the term coined by Asian researchers and panaxosides was named by early rusian researchers.



It is otherwise called general well being medication because it regulate many different systems of the body. It has been in existence for thousand of years and Chinese herbal producers uses it to combat impotency and erection problem in men.



In fact, if you can check amazon. This root alone is being sold as a tablet for male sexual enhancement at a ridiculously higher price.


that's the price a panax ginseng is being sold alone. the lowest you could see is $20 approximately almost #8000 nigerian naira.

 Herba Epimedii


This is also known as barren worth or horny goat weed which is majorly found in china and smaller quantities in other Asian countries.


It’s a herbal leaf with a proven efficacy in treating cardiovascular diseases and in improving sexual and neurological functions. It is described as a plant form of testosterone’ 



There was a study conducted by NCBI that was aimed to evaluate the effect of herba epimedii water extract on sex hormonal level.



Ninety subject were randomly selected and divided into two groups. A group which received herba epimedii water and another group which was given equal amount of ordinary water. 



At the baseline and after 6 month of medication, they measure their total cholesterol (TC), tryglycerine (TG) and testosterone (T) level. The result indicate that Herba Epimedii water extract decreased the TC and TG levels to at least less than 0.01%. Conversely, herba epimedii water extract significantly increased testosterone and progesterone level of the participant of the group

can you see the price it's being sold on amazon? that's the least you can get at that price of $20. ok. let's mush on.

 Fructuse Tribuli


This is otherwise known as baijili. It’s the dry ripe fruit of Tribulus terestris found in Shandong provinces in china. It’s always harvest during autum when the fruit is ripe and dry. The process of the plant is done by cutting a part of the plant, drying in the sun, taking the fruit and grinding off hard thorns and removing impurities. They stair-bake it until it turns yellow.


Research shows that taking Tribulus improve sexual satisfaction in men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Other research shows that taking Tribulus products improves ejaculation volume, sperm concentration and sperm movement in men diagnosed of low sperm count. It also increase sexual desire and erections in men who have infertility problem due to  low levels of testosterone.



Based on all these combination of very rare herbs, no matter your level of erection, it will work like magic for you.

In addition, tribulus capsule is being sold for nothing less than $20 on amazon. which is included in this wonderful product.

Cortex Eucommia

Cortex Eucommia belong to the family of Eucommiaceae, a genus of the small tree native to Central China. This plant is widely cultivated in China on a large scale because of its medicinal importance. About 112 compounds have been isolated from this root alone which include lignans, iridoids, phenolics, steroids, and other compounds.  It is widely used solely or in combination with other compounds to treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, sexual dysfunction, cancer, metabolic syndrome, and neurological diseases.
In Chinese traditional medicines, Eucommia is considered as a major herbal tonic for cardiac patients. Eucommia bark extract is an active component used for antihypertensive formulations.
Why is this important bark included in the formulation of revive capsule if it's sole usefulness is in treating cardiovascular (heart related) issues?
You see, the normal resting heart rate for adult is between 60 and 100 beats per minutes (bpm). The heart beat speed up during certain exercise like S3X. However, during normal sexual intercourse, a man’s heart rate increases to 130 beats per minute and his systolic blood pressure (the higher number recorded when the heart is pumping blood) nearly always stays under 170.  
When you now use enhancement drug, your heart rate increases above 130 beats per minute and your systolic blood pressure jump above 170 due to the reaction of the drug you use.
The drug will increase the blood flowing from your heart through to your penile gland (deek) to maintain erection for long. This will later result in malfunctioning of the heart and flowing of the blood.  
When you are done, the heart rate come back to normal but due to the over work the heart has done, the adverse effect will lead to chronic high blood pressure or hypertension.
Many enhancement pills outside do not have this root, that's why most of them leads to heart problems in future....more reason why DOCTORS forbid them. But REVIVE CAPSULE is carefully prepared with this root to maintain balance of the heart beat before, during and after intercourse.
Worst still, many so call safe pill that other network marketing companies are selling lack this vital ingredient, thereby making it unsafe for you to use.
Don't forget this herb alone is being sold at exhorbitant price on amazon for at least $40.
Below is the screenshot of one i found on amazon recently. AND it's part of main constituent of revive.

 Cordyceps (Caterpillar Fungus or Caterpillar Mushroom)

Cordyceps is a fungus that lives on certain caterpillars in the high mountain regions of China. Natural cordyceps is hard to get and are very expensive. Most supplements always contain cordyceps because it's like a vitamin for the body. just like as salt and seasoning is important to your soup, so also is cordycep is important to many supplement.


Cordyceps is commonly used for kidney disorders and male sexual problems. It is also used for liver problem, it improve immunity by stimulating cells and specific chemicals in the immune system.


Cordyceps is a potential harbour of bio-metabolites for herbal drugs and evidences are available about its applications for revitalization of various systems of the body from ancient times.
Amongst all herbal ingredients, Cordyceps is considered as the oldest source of some useful chemical constituents. Besides their popular applications for tonic medicine by the all stairs of the community, the constituents of Cordyceps are now used extensively in modern systems of medicine.
Again, this vital component is very expensive alone, if you want to get this multivitamin alone. see the price on amazon below. the lowest is $20....which is freely included in the revive ingredient for maximum effectiveness and result.

 Here are some of the benefit of taking revive tablet

  • It gives libido – which enable you to thirst for sex even if you are not in the mood.
  • It enhance SEXUAL SATISFACTION and breed confidence in you that you will deliver beyond your Partners Expectation.      
  • It prolong SEXUAL ACT – you will be able to last more than 30 minutes on each round even if your parners sexual prowess level is high. You’ll be able to 'penetrate harder' and longer such that your partner will never be satisfied with any other person outside.        
  • Gives strong and hard erection – you will be able to dig the ‘honey pot’ deeper when your manhood stand firm and hard like a standing rock.
  • Easy to use pills and quick result in less than 10 minutes – very effective for busy individuals that have no time for combo. It’s been carefully selected by FDA approved natural substane that is adaptogenicity. 
  • No adverse effect whatsoever – based on the prescription, it will work for you irrespective of your body type because of the natural substance it’s composed of.      
  • No long term ADVERSE EFFECT has been reported – if you are old, that’s when you need it the most and there’s no longterm adverse effect report.   
  • No matter your SUGAR level, it will encourage blood flow into your penis – even if you have chronic constipation, it will work during the period and deliver you from shame and woe. 
  • Irrespective of your dEEk size, long term penetration is the most important thing to women. If you cannot dig deep and penetrate long, you are doom because women orgasm takes 10-15 minutes     
  • Strong and hard ERECTION is the most important thing when having fun and this is done through sufficient blood flowing to the corpora cavernosa of the penis. If no sufficient blood flow, then it will not be hard enough and if it’s not hard enough, you know what that means, it wont dig deep. Using this product enables you to dig deep.
  • It enhances your Confidence with your partner anytime of the day. At least you’ll know you have a back up whenever you want it without a recourse to your sugar consumption for the week.    
  • Bye bye to indomie days when all you can do is just 2-3 minutes before you come. I bet you, your partner will not want to leave you for other ladies outside because she will know what she’s about to lose. Am talking from experience anyway.        
  • No fear of someone out there helping you on your responsibilities to your spouse – except she’s a harlot because she will be more than satisfied.      
  • We’ve heard cases of rich men wives having extramarital affairs with gatekeeper, driver and all sort of things. The truth is that all those stories are very true. Things are happening silently inside life but not you when it comes to sexual matter because you’ve cracked the code.

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